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Masters Degree

// Admission Requirements for Masters Degree


We thank you for your interest. Indicated in the following link, you may find the program details inclusive of academic staff and course contents of BAU Jazz Masters in Jazz Performance and Composition.


If you wish to attend the auditions, please fill out the attached application form. You also need to complete your application formally by filling out the online application form from the Institute of Science and Technology and submitting the required documentation. Since the program is opened under the name of the Master of Sound Technologies, you should make the program selection either as Sound Technologies Turkish, Non-Thesis-Jazz or as Sound Technologies Turkish, With Thesis-Jazz. After completing the formal application, please send us a confirmation by e-mail for the sake of ease of follow-up.


For registration procedures and Bahçeşehir University’s discounts for academic achievement, review the webpage of the Institute of Science and Technology.


// Scope of Live Auditions and Written Exam


  • The Live Auditions

We kindly request that the applicant provide copies from each musical work that she/he is going to perform for entire orchestra and the jury.

  1. 12 scales major or minor blues. During the first chorus (complete song) the melody of song, during second and third chorus improvised version, and during the third chorus the variation of the melody should be played/sung. Any blues piece having these features can be performed vocally or instrumental.
  2.  A jazz standard of ballad (slow paced song) format: A ballad in AABA form is chosen; the first A must be performed rubato (free flow), as from the second A the song must be performed fast-paced together with the whole orchestra and it must be ended ritardando (slowing down).
  3. A medium/fast-paced swing song in AABA form: The song must begin with a written intro; the first chorus must be played as written by the composer, the second chorus must be improvised (trade), the third and fourth chorus must be improvised with trade between instruments which are 8 and 4 scales respectively, the last chorus must be performed as variation, and it should be ended with a written final coda.
  4. A Latin style song (bossa, samba, salsa etc..): It must begin and end with vamp. During the first chorus, the original melody, during the second chorus, improvised version and during the last chorus, the variations of the melody must be performed.
  5. A bebop style song: During the first chorus (entire song), the song’s melody, during the second and third choruses improvised versions and during the fourth chorus, the variations of the melody must be performed.
  6. A song that you have chosen, composed and/or arranged

Among the listed 6 songs, the applicant will choose one and the jurors will choose 2. The chosen songs will be performed before the jury.


  • Scope of Musical Theory Exam:
  1. -Mastery of 12 tons of major and minor scales
  2. -Mastery of modes deriving from major scales
  3. -Diatonic structure in tonal harmony, secondary dominants, corresponding IIm7th chord, substitute dominant chords, subdominant minor chords and chordscales of the abovementioned.
  4. -Intervals, hearing and naming the intervals
  5. -Hearing basic 7th chords in IIm/V7/I structure with tension sounds both for major and minor scales
  6. -Hearing the basic chords mentioned in the above theory section within a chord progression
  7.  Melodic and rhythmic dictation.


The graduates will be awarded with Sound Technology Diploma.


The duration of the program is 2 years. Upon the evaluation of the auditions scholarships may be granted.


The program fees are indicated at the following link:


In addition to the program fees, the Masters in jazz performance and composition has an additional program fee corresponding to 28 weeks of private instrumental technique courses.